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Ph.D In Chemistry

The Chemistry department of the university has proved to be very valuable and important in regard to the human health and environmental studies. The laboratory is well spaced with a working capacity of 30 students at a time. It is equipped with modern sophisticated analytical instruments for carrying out day to day analysis. High grade analytical reagents are provided to the students for performing the experiments. 

The department is planning to come up with some minor research projects which are supposed to be handled by the students themselves and  would be funded by some national or international agencies. The experiments are such designed that they make the people aware about human health and environmental studies also. The data revealed by the students regarding hardness of water, pH value, total solids, alkalinity and chlorine content of the water samples collected from nearby areas of the university campus make the village people aware about the drinking water also.

Thrust areas of research:

  • Soil and Water pollution problems
  • Medicinal Plants and Drug Discovery
  • Environmental Chemistry. 



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Ph.D In Chemistry


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HoD Message

Welcome to department of chemistry at SPSU, Udiapur Our aim is to provide a world class environment in terms of education, work culture, and research. The department was established in the year 2007.Our research based curriculum that provides students with outstanding training in a wide display of chemical disciplines including analytical, biological, environmental, inorganic, materials, organic, physical, and environmental chemistry.

As a department, we are enthusiastic to do very best science. Thus, we also offer Ph.D. program with a large interest on highly innovative and environmentally benign research. The faculty members in our department are highly experienced; motivated young researchers obtained their Ph.D. from the best institutions and also trained in the best research labs in the world. We always welcome the bright young minds to join the Chemistry Department as undergraduate or research student.

Why Ph.D In Chemistry From SPSU

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Ph.D In Chemistry Eligibility
Criteria & Selection Process

Eligibility & Fee​

Ph.D In Chemistry
Passed or appeared for final year examination master’s degree in the relevant field of Engineering and Technology from University recognised by UGC, with at least 55% marks (at least 40% marks in case of candidates of Backward class categories and persons with disability)
Total Fee


Ph.D In Chemistry

Selection will be based on merit of
Candidate must have qualified UGC NET or SPSU Selection Test (NET qualified candidates will be exempted from SPSU Selection Test)

Merit Based Scholarship UG Programs
=98% in Xth & Xllth
100% Scholarship
>=95% & <98% in Xth & Xllth
75% Scholarship
>=90% & <95% in Xth & Xllth
65% Scholarship
>=80% & <90% in Xth & Xllth
55% Scholarship
>=70% & <80% in Xth & Xllth
45% Scholarship
>=60% & <70% in Xth & Xllth
35% Scholarship
>=50% & <60% in Xth & Xllth
25% Scholarship

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Engineering Program

Merit Based Scholarship PG Programs
=98% in in Xllth & Graduation
100% Scholarship
>=95% & <98% in Xllth & Graduation
75% Scholarship
>=90% & <95% in Xllth & Graduation
65% Scholarship
>=80% & <90% in Xllth & Graduation
55% Scholarship
>=70% & <80% in Xllth & Graduation
45% Scholarship
>=60% & <70% in Xllth & Graduation
35% Scholarship
>=50% & <60% in Xllth & Graduation
25% Scholarship

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Ph.D In Chemistry Frequently Asked Questions

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Ph.D In Chemistry